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STILL Healing: a doctor's notes on the magic and misery of a life in medicine

Due Early 2024!!

Author of
The Patient in the White Coat


A wise and moving memoir of a young doctor's journey from health to illness and back again Rosalind Kaplan had it all-loving husband, newborn son, and an Ivy-League medical degree with a promising career ahead. That was, until the day when an accidental "stick" with an infected needle changed everything. In one day, Rosalind Kaplan went from doctor-poised, confident, and in control, to patient-isolated, unsure, and terrified. At the time, Hepatitis C was incurable and rife with stigma, and the last thing Dr. Kaplan expected to be dealing with. She enrolled as a subject in medical studies on the disease, pushed herself through long days at work, and struggled to keep her relationship with her family and friends exactly as it once was. Her courage and determination paid off, but only with the painful realization that even the strongest individuals must sometimes accept the support of family, friends, and doctors. Now, Dr. Kaplan shares her unique perspective on the fascinating world of medicine.

Contributing Author to
The Art & Science of Being a Doctor:
Leading Doctors from UPENN, Columbia University, NY Medical College & More on the Secrets to Professional and Personal Success as a Doctor (Inside the Minds)


Inside the Minds: The Art & Science of Being a Doctor is the most authoritative book ever written on the medical profession, written by an unprecedented collection of leading doctors who reveal the secrets to patient relationships, balancing professional and personal lives, increasing your worth as a doctor, continuing research and education, time management, compensation and more. This unprecedented look inside the minds of the world's best doctors makes for critical reading for every doctor, nurse, medical student and anyone interested in the medical profession on a personal of professional level.

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